Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saving money during a recession

Saving Money During A Recession

Recession is a word that fills people with dread and bad visions. Its a time people consider bad for finances, a time capable of magically shrinking a dollars value overnight. It also automatically increases the cost of basic living. And where money is a huge concern, people always ask, Can I still save for real during a recession? The answer is: of course you can. You just need to be wise and creative about the whole thing. Here are ways how:

Plan your purchases.

By planning your purchases, youre effectively planning your expenses. This will help eliminate the danger of impulse buying and unnecessary spending. Try to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your basic needs.

Plan for a weeks worth of groceries, for example, so youll have an idea of which items you truly need (and want) and which items you can do away with. To make sure that you maximize your planning efforts, consider incorporating items on sale into your planning. If there are foods


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