Monday, October 21, 2013

Savoury cheesecakes sweetless delights

Savoury Cheesecakes - Sweetless Delights

Like all things in this world, culinary styles also
evolve. Cheesecakes from the history books were all
made up of the three main ingredients: cheese, flour
and sweetener. These decadent treats were somehow made
to provide a soothing balance in every meal - a sweet
balance that is. However, nowadays, people are
searching for ways to modify the conventional
cheesecake; from the usual after meal dessert to
possibly the main course.

Although the quest for cheesecakes as the main event
during meals is still going on, fortunately enough,
cheesecakes are now developing new methods of
presentation and taste.

Fresh Cheeses

First of all, savoury cheesecakes differ from sweet
ones in several aspects: the ingredients and the meal
course. Although savoury cheesecakes can also be eaten
as desserts, they are more popularly consumed as the
hors doeuvres, most commonly known as appetizers.

There are several cheeses that are versatile enough to
be used for either savoury or


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